Mobile web service for control and follow up of your business


We are building safeness

E-sia system is adaptable from individual companies to large groups. The web service offers a palette of smart system tools with text, documentation and reminder functions as help for your business to comply with applicable legal requirements and standards in a easy and safe manner.

Reduces systems and costs

E-sia system can easily link together several types of routine support (for laws or standards requirements) to avoid the use of multiple types of interfaces. E-sia system help in that way to reduce the number of complex computer systems that only steal time. E-sia system is a effective tool of reducing costs for operations, systems, consultants and auditing. The web service also simplifies administrative work that reduces the risk of critical information being handled incorrectly.


E-sia system are developed into a modern, object-based platform that is robust with high security. It is designed for use in all devices that have a webbbrowser.

E-sia system is a own developed system where the operation of the system runs on virtual servers. It has secure log in with multiple eligibility levels and it apply multiple types of security protocols as protection for intrusions.

E-sia system applies database separation and encryption of data to protect citizens’ rights regarding to EU:s new legislation (GDPR). GDPR concerns all activities that deal with personal data.

E-sia AB has a reseller network that using E-sia system to move its services for management, surveillance and self monitoring from the folder to the screen.


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